PennHIP and OFA for Dogs and Cats in Pattersonville

Please bring the following to your initial visit:

  • Copy of your AKC or other Kennel Club registration certificate
  • Microchip/ tattoo documentation applicable to your pet
  • Pertinent medical history including previous illness or injury
  • Medication(s) currently being given if applicable

Please do not feed your pet after midnight the evening prior to your appointment. Water may be given in small amounts the morning of the procedure.

The Procedure

If it is your first time scheduling the PennHIP or OFA procedure, you will have the option of seeing a surgeon prior to admitting your pet for the radiographs. After admission, a Dr. will perform a brief pre-anesthetic examination and a pre-anesthetic blood screen if indicated. Since general anesthesia is given intravenously for the procedure, we will need to shave a small area on your pet’s front or hind leg. Most patients are discharged later the same day or evening. Your pet may be tired the evening of the procedure. Most pets are back to normal by the next morning.

Getting results: We will provide you with a copy of your pet’s radiographs. If you have any questions, call us at (518) 887-2260.