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Sept 2016 - Dr. Glennon Instructs Surgeons on TTA-2 Procedure

Dr. Glennon has been asked to instruct surgeons from across the nation. He went to Las Vegas to teach a TTA-2 procedure. TTA-2 consists of an incomplete osteotomy, performed with a novel hinged saw guide and a new cage, designed to transfer shear and compression forces.

VSRC is committed to leading the way in offering a complete portfolio of surgical surgical options for our patients.


Oct 2015 - Dr. Glennon presents at the ACVS National Symposium

Dr. Glennon was sponsored by KYON Veterinary Surgical Products to present at the American College of Veterinary Surgeons National Symposium in Nashville, TN.

On October 21st, Dr. Glennon was part of a small team that KYON tapped to conduct a wet lab on a surgical procedure called the Tibial Tuberosity Advancement (TTA)-2. This full-day laboratory was designed to teach the TTA-2 technique for the treatment of cranial cruciate deficiency in dogs. The laboratory covered the biomechanical basis of Tibial Tuberosity Advancement (TTA), the past decade of clinical experience, why TTA-2 is being pursued and thorough instruction in how to perform the technique. The course included preoperative planning using both digital and film, detailed surgical technique presentation w/ bone model and cadaver demo, a dry lab exercise with plastic bones that participants kept as an example to show clients, and a wet lab where each attendee performed the technique on a cadaver limb. Presentations included clinical experience from the surgical faculty and a summary of the clinical performance of the technique.

April 2015 - Dr. Glennon's Article

Dr. Glennon’s article published in the New York State Veterinary Medical Society magazine.


Feb 4, 2015 – We are pleased to welcome board-certified internal medicine specialist, Dr. Catherine Cortright.

With the addition of Dr. Cortright, we have expanded our specialty services to include all internal medicine patients for complete diagnostics and/or case management. For more information, please call 518.887.2260.


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